Gold Nugget Bracelets & Bangles

Murdoch’s Gem Shop specializes in one of a kind and hand crafted jewellery using genuine Klondike gold nuggets mined here in the Yukon. All gold nuggets used in our Jewellery are left in their raw natural state.

4.5mm Full Inlaid Nugget Bangle
8.0mm Full Inlaid Nugget Bangle
Pavé Nugget Bangle
Colour Stones Nugget Bracelet
3 Nuggets Bracelet with Safety Chain
Rhombic Links Nugget Bracelet
Pinched Rectangular Sluice Nugget Bracelet
Rectangle Links Nugget Bracelet
S Curve Nugget Bracelet
Oval Button Nugget Bracelet
Round Button Nugget Bracelet
Chevron Nugget Bangle