Always update your local copy by downloading the style.css before start working on mark-up

Other design note, if you find it is taking way more time to match the psd sample exactly, feel free to make it look a bit different. Also feel free to add value if you come up with something better.

Development Notes:

  • Still need to add custom hover effect to main menu as per psd design sample
  • Add angled separators to main menu
  • Fix slider so there is no padding to left (scale not working!)
  • Fix the content wrap issue, see homepage
  • Fix styling of the “Your Gateway to the Klondike Gold Rush” text as per psd design sample
  • Add footer items as per design sample
  • remove the line
  • remove the drop shadow here
  • add a second and third style (for each of the resolutions) so it looks good depending on the browser size – on
  • change the drop down menu styling from the default white to work better with the look and feel. Maybe use the same dark background colour as the menu, or perhaps match the yellow of the hover?